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Wilson and Debbie,12/17/2016
by Zak

555 photo(s)

Miranda and Ramon,12/17/2016,dallas
by Christina

363 photo(s)

Ariel Ray's wedding/12/18/2016,Dallas
by Matthew S.

399 photo(s)

Lanette and James,12/11/2016
by Zak

911 photo(s)

Rhonda and Jon,11/23/16,dallas
by Lucero

449 photo(s)

Ericka's wedding,11/20/2016,dallas
by Christina

479 photo(s)

Belinda and Keith,11/19/16
by Bob

404 photo(s)

R and Loyce, 9/24/2016,Dallas
by Lucero

647 photo(s)

Melissa and Terry,10/22/2016
by Zak

1282 photo(s)

Nicole and Kurtis,9/30/2016
by Lucero

600 photo(s)

Kendeal and Taylor,9/24/16
by Joseph

479 photo(s)

Brandi and Aaron,9/24/16
by Matthew

393 photo(s)

Laura and MIchael,9/17/2016
by Zak

371 photo(s)

Alicia and Jin Yong,9/10/16
by Lucero

550 photo(s)

Monica and Brian,9/4/2016,Dallas
by Lucero

426 photo(s)

Stephanie and Peter,8/12/2016
by Lucero

301 photo(s)

Omaira's wedding,8/7/2016
by Zak

491 photo(s)

Paula and Ben,8/6/16,Temple, Tx.
by Ken Black

470 photo(s)

Victoria and Michael,6/4/2016
by Lucero

462 photo(s)


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